Daphne, Visitor from Bundaberg

How thrilled I was to visit Amani in July 2013. Most days I walked the dry, dusty path from the house to the farm. As I walked this path I passed through large dry thorn bushes, weeds and rocks, and I tried to visualize that most of this land was in this condition when the journey of Amani commenced. Thorn bushes, huge and prickly, were all removed by hand to begin the farm now developing and producing luscious table grapes, wine grapes, sunflower, maize. There was now also a sunflower oil press and two grain mills. (Maize growing with drip irrigation.) Visitors to Amani, myself included, remark on the ‘peace’ Amani portrays. The house, set against a rocky mountain, with landscaped gardens and a myriad of winding paths, all made by people working for famine relief food and funds when Amani commenced, is a delight. For me, this was a life changing experience. To be with people, happy people, who have so little of the things we so frequently consider essential, was an inspiration.

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