Volunteer Fundraiser Brisbane

Spending a couple of weeks at Amani was a growing experience for me adding depth to my understanding of what Fr John is achieving in Tanzania.

Amani is a place of goodness and sharing, open to all-comers.  I feel lucky being part of it.

There is a positive vibe and everyone always seems to be smiling.  Whilst I saw real pain on some faces I was struck by the gentle and genuine appreciation for any helping hand that we can offer.

I came home with joyful memories of breaking through the language barrier by acting out the message!  This ranged from running across the room like an emu or kangaroo for the entertainment of small children to collapsing flat out on the dirt floor as the patient in a first-aid demonstration.  On both occasions the children and/or adult observers wanted to join in.  What fun it was shaking off the demeanour of the 50 year old woman I normally portray in Australia.

If you are thinking about visiting or supporting Amani, don’t think twice.

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