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Our abiding philosophy in defeating the poverty trap is to provide long term and sustainable development solutions devised in consultation with village leadership and “owned” by the people. Consistent with this, recipients of food, medicine, school sponsorships or relief of any other kind, work a commensurate amount of time on Amani projects in return for such benefits – except of course, for the aged, sick, young orphans and other homeless children.

Up to two thousand people per year are provided with relief work at the Amani Training Centre or on projects such as preparing the ground for planting new grape vines and tending to crops.


Caring for orphans and street children in Dodoma

Hearts for Africa (Amani) Foundation raises money to support up to forty neglected and/or homeless children who formerly lived on the streets of Tanzania’s capital, Dodoma. These children are provided a bed, nourishment, education and care. This program began in 2005 when several young adults created a makeshift home in a partially built house in Dodoma for homeless orphans and other children who were sleeping wherever they could find shelter.


Today most of these children are living with foster families throughout Dodoma with Hearts for Africa funding food, education, medicine and other urgent needs. When food is available, local volunteers go to downtown Dodoma at night to provide meals to other ‘street children’.

We have almost completed construction of an accommodation centre for other homeless children in a rural location near Dodoma where it is also planned to provide vocational training for some once they leave school.

Amani Vocational Training Center (Amani Centre)

The Amani Training Centre is officially licensed as a Regional Vocational Training Centre. It maintains a plant nursery, a dairy herd, raises pigs, and demonstrates the use of irrigation and improved methods of cultivation (particularly grapes).  it also demonstrates and trains in improved building techniques. Presses for producing oil from oilseeds and grain mills are also situated here. Hearts for Africa funds these projects to empower the local people to overcome poverty through training, developing infrastructure and sustainable agricultural programs.

This is also the site for emergency relief programs and the head office and administration of the Amani Development Organisation.



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