Industry Development

Our Industry Development Initiatives


Having provided the local community with a plentiful supply of clean water from deep wells, Hearts for Africa and its USA partner have funded the installation of extensive grids of irrigation lines. This has facilitated the planting of a wide variety of experimental crops and enabled decisions to be made on those most suited to the district. Today irrigation is particularly helpful in growing vegetables and grapes. Grapes do not need huge quantities of water but irrigation is required to supply water at critical times in the growing cycle. This has recently enabled pastures to be irrigated to support dairy cows.

Construction and Operation of Grain Mills

Hearts for Africa has funded the establishment of a grain mill for maize, millet, peanuts (groundnuts) and simsim (sesame seed) at the Amani Training Centre. This facility produces ugali flour, the staple food of most people in Tanzania, and has been enthusiastically received by the local people as women previously had to carry their family’s grain about eight kilometres to Mvumi Mission before returning home with the flour.

Hearts for Africa has also funded the construction of a second grain mill in the village of Mvumi Makulu to support the operations of the Prince of Peace School.

We are focused on making a sustainable impact in the region, empowering people with the skills to help themselves.

Oil Seed Processing Plant

The oilseed processing plant was installed to produce sunflower and peanut oil. This has been a great step forward for the region and opened up new opportunities for local farmers.

Village women are now able to bring seed for pressing and take the oil home for family use.

All profits from this plant at the Amani Training Centre support the orphans of Dodoma.

Cattle raising and Piggery

Hearts for Africa and its USA partner have funded facilities for raising cattle and a piggery at the Amani Training Centre. Income from the sale of cows, dairy products and pigs is used to support operations at the Centre as well as to support the education projects otherwise funded by the generosity of Hearts for Africa donors.



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