Water and Electricity


Water is a vital element of life and Amani’s role from 2000 to 2005 was almost exclusively in sinking wells to provide a permanent supply of clean water in villages where there were none.

Historically all water was untreated. It came from waterholes, creeks and rivers and cholera and typhoid were prevalent. Women spent hours each day walking to distant sources of water. In a dry season, carrying barely enough water for their family’s basic daily needs, their journey could continue well into the night.

Through the generosity of our donors, Hearts for Africa has funded the sinking of many deep wells with associated windmills, water storage and supply systems that provide permanent clean water for up to ten local villages with a total population of between thirty and fifty thousand people. In some villages there is a sufficient supply of well-water for use in irrigation as well as for drinking. Amani continues to sink on average between one and two new wells each year as its work expands to new parts of the community.

Electricity supply

Until recently there has been no local access to the government electricity network and Amani used a combination of generators, solar power and windmills to supply its basic power needs.

Amani’s goal is to connect to the newly extended grid over the next three years. This will present a major cost but the benefits to the community will be enormous.




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